Cyber Defense Connect

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Does your company have what it takes to survive?

Join us for a cyber attack simulation, based on real events. Teams must react and decide what needs to be done to respond, take control and recover. Experts in the field will guide conversation and provide real time feedback.
  • Panels on Readiness, Resiliency, Response and Recovery will walk attendees through all stages of a cyber attack with insight from cyber experts, breach coaches, the FBI and more!
  • Speakers include Insurance Commissioner for the State of Connecticut, Andy Mais, 3-star General, William Etter, leaders from the Cyber Readiness Institute and others.
Bringing Together Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance Experts
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Welcome, Intros, Housekeeping

Laurissa Berk, Alexis Vaughn


Intro from CT Insurance Commissioner

Andrew Mais


Intro to Cyber Attack Scenario and explanation

Chris Brescia


Cyber Attack Simulation & Debrief

Cyber Attack Simulation


30 min Break


Readiness Panel

Moderator: Alexis Vaughn
Panelists: Chris Brescia, Craig Moss, Scott Pierce


Cyber Resiliency/Insurance Panel

Moderator: Chris Brescia
Panelists: Alexis Vaughn, Caitlin Alpern, Scott Garcia


10 min Break


Response Panel

Moderator: Alexis Vaughn
Panelists: Gregory Bautista, Amy Goldsmith, Nick Steinmann, Brian Neal


Recovery Panel

Moderator: Alexis Vaughn
Panelists: Scott Furr, Matthew Hogan, Michael Grabowski


10 min Break


Keynote Speaker

Isabelle Dumont


Keynote Speaker

Bill Etter


Networking Reception


50 Min Claims Scenario 10 min Q&A post session

This session demonstrates the complexities and visceral feel of a breach.

  • 10 min: Teams are assigned a role and choose the defenses for their company.
  • 25 min: The attack plays out with wild cards, and decisions to be made based on the cyber criminal's actions.
  • 15 min: Teams decide how to best move forward post-attack.
  • 10 min: Recap of events with brief Q&A

Readiness Panel

A discussion on what your organization needs to do to prepare, or ideally prevent, a cyber attack. Topics include training on phishing attacks, internal policies and procedures, and creating awareness on the emerging cyber threats.


"Cyber Insurance: Broker vs. Underwriting Perspective"​

Cyber insurance needs to be a part of every organization's strategy for Cyber preparedness. This includes not only the insurance itself, but a plan to help mitigate fallout and damage from an operational, legal and reputational perspective. ​


Does your organization have an action plan in place? Gaming out scenarios in advance is crucial to being able to respond to an actual event. An understanding of communication protocols, as well as prescribed actions, will be critical to successfully mitigating damage from a cyber attack. In this session you will learn the importance of an incident response plan and who to contact when you are a victim of a cyber attack. ​

Points to Consider Before, During and After a Data Breach: the theme is Accountability​​

  • Before Prepare and Test the Incident Response Plan: it is your Playbook (what to do, who will do what, who is on the incident response team (“IRT”), and what are their functions). Do you have cyber insurance? Make sure the IRP is compliant with the laws and regulations to which your organization is subject. Facts matter -- not every breach needs to be reported.​
  • During: a. Detection and Analysis: if the system detects a potential breach, the personnel in the IRT follow the procedures in the Playbook to protect the organization and track down the source of the notification.
    b. Containment, Eradication and Recovery: once the accountable personnel investigate, they contain the threat, eradicate it, and implement recovery procedures for the system.
  • After: Post-Incident Activity: what lessons have been learned from the breach? Have reporting obligations been reviewed by legal? Reporting = three elements, internal to employees and other stakeholders, external to customers, and external to law enforcement and regulatory authorities.​


Whether it's tracing your crypto currency or simply emerging with systems and reputation intact, recovery can be an arduous process. As with response and resiliency, having key coverage, policies and procedures in place is critical to completing an comprehensive Cyber strategy. In this session you will hear real life scenarios on returning back to normal business operations following a cyber incident, by leveraging insurance and cyber professionals.​

Isabelle Dumont - Keynote

Cyber Risk and Security Data: Navigating Towards Enhanced Cyber Resilience

In an era where cyber threats loom large, the imperative for a unified defensive strategy is clear. This presentation will delve into the pivotal role of collaborative data-sharing among operational teams, security personnel, IT departments, cyber insurance providers, and executive management in strengthening cybersecurity. We will explore how the strategic exchange of data can not only validate security measures but also enhance an organization’s readiness, its ability to optimize cyber coverage, and its response and recovery from incidents. Data is the glue that allows these activities to build on each other and ultimately strengthen the cyber resilience of an organization.

We will discuss methodologies for quantifying cyber risk, establishing an organization’s risk tolerance, and leveraging comprehensive exposure data to refine financial models and conduct predictive 'what-if' analyses.

Participants will leave with actionable insights on initiating their journey towards heightened cyber resilience, equipped with the knowledge to harness data as a directional tool for superior cybersecurity outcomes and a clear understanding of how cyber insurance directly contributes to it.

Bill Etter- Keynote

Lessons from Crisis Leadership

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